What are the eligibility criteria for funding?

Each case is weighed individually, since a number of variables are factored into this determination. An Intake Board renders decisions on each application.

What level of assistance does Yesh Tikvah provide?

Applicants can choose one of two options: either 18 sessions, for which Yesh Tikvah will provide 75% of costs; or 24 sessions, for which Yesh Tikvah will provide 60% of costs.

Now that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has been passed, isn’t mental health included in basic insurance coverage? Likewise, aren’t low income families covered for mental health services by Medicaid?

Although mental health is covered by ACA, the costs of deductibles are not affordable for many families; hence the need for assistance. Medicaid has indeed expanded coverage for mental health services. As such, Yesh Tikvah will only assist Medicaid-eligible individuals if it is determined that comparable care by a Medicaid provider is not available. This includes cases where a specific specialty provider is required, or where a provider stops accepting Medicaid after a patient is already progressing in the therapy process.

Does Yesh Tikvah refer clients to suggested providers?

Yesh Tikvah does not make referrals. We encourage potential clients to explore their options for therapy. Moreover, we do not accept an application unless the client has chosen a therapist, and our intake committee reviews each application to ensure that the therapist chosen can accommodate the needs of the client. We do work closely with Naaleh, a referral agency in Cleveland that refers members of the community to available resources.

Does Yesh Tikvah only provide funding for patients seeing therapists from the Orthodox Jewish community?

No. Yesh Tikvah’s singular goal is to promote healing and mental health. As such, we recognize that either Jewish or non-Jewish practitioners may provide the ideal services for any specific case, and we provide funding for all situations.

Does YT fund visits to a psychiatrist or subsidize psychotropic medication?

Currently we do not; however, we may provide such assistance if it is determined necessary and feasible.


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