Yesh Tikvah is committed to subsidizing mental health counseling and treatment for individuals who are unable to pay for these services. Yesh Tikvah will provide funding to individuals in the community with discretion, dignity, and fiduciary responsibility.


Yesh Tikvah was founded in 2012 by Rabbi Aryeh Leib Joseph, a well-known community activist in the Cleveland community. Rabbi Joseph became aware of the increasingly prevalent trend of individuals whose mental health needs were being neglected due to lack of adequate funding. Upon extensive consultation with rabbinical figures communal leaders, and mental health professionals, Yesh Tikvah was formed.


There has been a steady increase in the incidence of emotional challenges in the Jewish community, including social issues, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, and bi-polar disorder. The prevalence of these problems in society at large has impacted our community by osmosis despite our insular communal structure. Moreover, as life becomes increasingly complex, the challenges of marital conflict, abuse, addiction, serious illness or loss, and families with special needs children, are much more common than they were years ago.

The costs of professional treatment of these conditions are prohibitive. Despite recent legislation mandating greater coverage for behavioral health treatment, there are still numerous situations that are not covered. These include substantial insurance deductibles, as well as providers who change or eliminate their insurance participation during the course of treatment, to name a few. For many families, these costs are simply beyond their means, especially when basics such as mortgage payments, groceries, and utilities must be considered. It is ironic that just as the Orthodox community has made great strides in removing the stigma from mental health issues and in identifying compatible providers, so many are unable to access these services simply for want of financial resources. The result is a growing number of untreated individuals, which eventually breeds dysfunctional families.

In an effort to address this challenge, Yesh Tikvah was formed.


Yesh Tikvah enjoys the input of a Board of Directors and a Rabbinical Advisory Board. The organization benefits greatly from the guidance of Dr. Mendel E. Singer PhD., M.P.H, Associate Professor, Case Western Reserve University, and Vice Chair for Education. Likewise, all legal matters are under the purview of Susan O. Scheutzow Esq., partner, Kohrman Jackson & Krantz.

Intake/Fiscal Responsibility

A committee carefully reviews each application, ensuring that the financial need is genuine and that comparable services are not available at a more reasonable cost. Applicants must demonstrate that no alternative funding or insurance coverage is available.
The committee also renders decisions concerning prioritizing the allocation of funding. Because Yesh Tikvah is focused on building a healthier, stronger community, priority is given to marriage counseling and to treatment of primary caregivers of children. Utmost confidentiality, sensitivity, and discretion are exercised in all stages of client interactions.

Scope of Services

Yesh Tikvah believes that a comfort level in therapist/patient relationship is crucial. As such, we do not make professional referrals; our mission is to provide the resources to enable recipients to receive the care they need.


Each recipient must pay a portion of the fee before receiving Yesh Tikvah’s supplementary sum. An investment on the part of the client has been shown to foster a greater commitment to the therapeutic process, thus supporting the goal of fostering increased mental health. Furthermore, all Yesh Tikvah disbursements are paid directly to the therapist, ensuring that the funds are allocated for their intended purpose. Clients are committed to using funding within a 6-8 month period, to ensure the consistency of their participation in the therapeutic process.


Yesh Tikvah enjoys the endorsement of a broad range of rabbinical figures, including the Vaad Harabonim of Cleveland. Likewise, the organization is recognized and commended by the spectrum of community leaders and clinicians, including Rabbi Dr.Abraham J. Twerski,

Mr. Sam Selekman MSW LISW
and Barrie G. Galvin, OTR/L, CIMI, IMC.


Yesh Tikvah